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Hello Everyone,

TamThese past few months have been very busy for us as we’ve been doing a lot of great things over this time period.  It’s very tiring, but its worth it.  In the past several months we’ve been out promoting our business and working diligently on adding more PremierCare products to our product line.  This can be very challenging, yet very exciting at the same time.  I’m really looking forward in sharing what all we have coming up next.  But first I want to just go over what we have so far and in the next couple of blogs, I’ll share what we have coming up next, because this is only the beginning.  As of right now, I believe that we have the very best quality hair on the market and we are slowly but surely seeing an increase in our sales.  We have two lines of virgin hair, which is our top-selling original  Party Girl line and the higher end Sophisticated line.  Shown below is our Sophisticated line.  The 1st pic is out the package so you can see how thick and soft the bundles are.  The 2nd pic is in the package and has our logo wrapped around it and is ready to be shipped to some lucky customer.


PremierCare Deep Wave Bundles 2         PremierCare Deep Wave Bundles 1

Another one of our products that we have recently came out with is our PremierCare Individual Lashes.  These are very soft, elegant and natural looking.  If you are a Lash Technician and you want your customers to be overly pleased with their look, please try our lashes.  You will not be disappointed.  

PremierCare Individual Lashes

Finally, we have one the hottest selling Edge Control in the area and looking to continue to increase our sales outside of the City and State.  Our PremierCare Edge Control is very good for all hair textures and has a very strong hold that I guarantee will last the entire day.  The best thing about PremierCare Edge Control is that it does not turn white or flaky after use.

PremierCare Edge Control New Photo 1  PremierCare Edge Control New Photo  PremierCare Edge Control New Photo 2




This was just a little blurb about some of our products that we have for sale on our website at  There’s still a few items that are still going thru the testing stages and will be available very soon.  In my next blog, I plan to talk in great detail about our new 5,000 square foot building that we recently purchased.  I may add some pics too.  We are currently going thru the licensing stages and have to meet with the City Planner for approvals.  This is a very time consumer part of the business, but once again we are enjoying every minute.  Thanks for reading!


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