Happy New Year!!

Hello everybody!!

Watching that ball drop with my King was so exciting.  Going into yet another year, our business is continually moving into the right direction.  But personally, this is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the good and the bad of 2018 and how we will make 2019 even better.  Life is about experiences and how we learn from them.  I know I have learned a lot in 2018 and I’m ready to apply what I’ve learned in 2018 to  2019.

There’s so much that I want to share but I can’t at this time, but it is coming, I promise you.  Premier Care Essentials, LLC is continuing to strive and I have many of my family and friends to thank.  I also have to thank our valued customers for not only being repeat customersnew year's pic, but just helping us put the word out as we try to expand our social media presence and try to draw more traffic to our website at http://www.premiercareonline.com.  Please keep in mind, the Holiday Sale may be over, but you can still get the very best virgin hair deals on our website.

Within my next couple of blog posts, I should be able to share with everyone our big surprise.  Trust me, it will be worth the wait.  And I have you all to thank.  I just wanted to write a little something because the anticipation is growing and I’ve had people call, text and DM me, asking what is the big surprise and since I can’t hold water, I have to avoid all these messages.  When it comes to this, I wish I was more like my King, because he doesn’t say anything.  Even his involvement in this business, it’s more than anyone would think.  He is very patient and calculating and you’ll never, ever know what he got up his sleeves. LOL

In closing, I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and together let’s create attainable goals and do our best to maintain and not allow for any barriers/hurdles to keep us from obtaining success in 2019.




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